Not sure about you, but I always look for an "about me" page whenever I find a new petz site. I just like to know more about the people behind the site. In a lot of cases, I find that we have very similar things in common (besides being addicted to petz :p)...

So for all you curious people out there,
here are a few random facts about me:

~ I have long [curly] brown hair.
~ My birthday is Oct. 24
~ I've been happily married since Oct. 22, 2009
~ I have been in and out of the PC (like most everyone) since 1999
~ I enjoy making websites and putting together layouts, and learning how to code
~ My favorite things include: the color green, Italian foods, cartoons, Spyro the Dragon, Stephen King, Batman, music (making and listening), new fonts, cleaning, organizing, shopping for office supplies, and snuggling on the couch with my husband while he plays his games
~ I prefer cats over dogs (even in petz)
~ I compulsively clean my kitchen everyday
~ I enjoy watching others play video games more than playing them myself
~ When I get bored, I can play through Spyro: Ripto's Rage in about 3 hrs...
~ I'm currently addicted to: FFXIV, chocolate milk, and chocolate mint cookies
[In Petz...]

What I like in bred petz varies from time to time, but some traits always draw my attention:
~ I LOVE big Persian tails, Sheepie tails on tams, blue/pink/silver/light green eyes, face  streaks, chest patches, tail tips, mutt patches, dali spots, oshie textures, and alley spots.
~ My favorite breeds are the Calico and Dalmatian
~ My perfect petz would be a meezer pointed calico (cream coat, dusty markings)
with a big poof tail with face + chest patches, tail tip and pink eyes *sigh*
[Contact Information]

Email: dyslexicsuntie[@]msn[.com]

You can also PM me at any of these forums:
RKC: aubrey
W.W.: aubrey
PUGS: Aubrey@Sardonyx