Downloadable petz for everyone to enjoy!

~Please do not put these up for download or adoption on your own site!
~Hexing eyelids, Changing names, Gender swapping, etc.. are okay with me
~Since these petz are not unique, they cannot be entered in shows!
~If you no longer want them, you may delete.
(but only petz from this page!)
All are P3+ compatible, unless noted otherwise
All are inbred and tree-trimmed!
Hidden Markings = painted green
Click on the names to download the pet
~ Maine Coon OW Litters ~
These petz were bred with an OW file I made that allows the Maine Coon neck ruff to pass on naturally. These petz are meant to be bred to get you started with breeding this awesome trait into your crew!
Calicos: With the exception of Sym and September, all of these cats have chest patches, tail tips and face streaks. All of them have been bred with the OW and all have the MC neck ruff!
~ More coming soon! ~